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Saturday, November 7, 2020



The first important thing to be able to earn from our websites is to work on the content, which must be clear and contain useful information for those who follow us.

1. Content

As already mentioned, the content is the basis on which to work to have followers and monetize the online traffic that it produces.

The content can be any topic that interests us, that we have studied, that we have as a hobby or that concerns something we have experienced.

So it has to be a topic that we know a lot about and at the same time we have to use it to help others or answer questions about it.

We must also differ from others and propose the same topic in a different style that can attract followers.

For example, I am passionate about Business, I have a degree in Bussiness Administration, I have opened a Blog to talk and solve problems and answer questions about it.

I am also using my blog as a business card for companies, who seeing how prepared you are on the subject could choose to work with them.

Having a well-structured site is a must to have productive online traffic. For this I recommend creating a site through a Hosting site, which allows you to have a personal domain and other benefits to develop and build your blog or site.

I recommend Blue Host, it is a reliable site that takes care of creating custom domains and sites to work on. It's great for beginners, if you don't want to risk it. Spend little and earn great service to get started and improve.

BlueHost Link: 

2. Amazon Program Affiliation

A good way to earn money from your site or blog is to join an Affiliate Program. At first it's hard to find programs that will easily accept you without having a large number of followers, but Amazon does it.
Amazon has a reliable affiliate program that allows any niche to promote any product.

You can earn by creating custom links on the products you want to sell and promote, if your link is used you will earn even if they do not buy the same product you mentioned.

It is very easy to create links and banner ads. Above all, it doesn't require money to do so, it's free.

Amazon Link:


It is a free site that does not require expenses, it allows you to earn money by creating short links. The links can lead to your site, blog, or download of your ebook files. 

If someone clicks on your link after waiting 10 seconds you can start earning right away, the more clicks you get, the higher your earnings will be.

You can share your link on your website, blog and your social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter etc.) Link:

4. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a good way to make money by adding banners to your site or blog. 

If you have a blog on Blogger you have the opportunity to facilitate the use of these banners, because Blogger is a site managed by Google, so they are easily connected.

Banner advertising is chosen by Google based on the preferences of your visitors. Therefore it helps to make advertising on your site much more attractive and less intrusive, increases the possibility that the visitor clicks and you earn.

5. Patreon

Patreon is a free site that offers Content Creators (Musicians, Artists, Journalists, Bloggers, Youtubers etc...) to earn money and have the opportunity to retain your followers.

Your followers can donate, subscribe to your Patreon channel and receive exclusive, beneficial content and offers.

Patreon Link:

I hope I have given you some good starting points for earning money through your hobby and work. Remember that anything can be fruitful if you give it time and effort. If you want to know something specifically, comment below this post and I will answer all your questions as soon as possible.

If you like my content and want to contribute to my growth, follow me on my Social Links, Sign up on my blog and Use my Affiliate Links to receive exclusive and advantageous discounts and benefits.

Be Strong and decide

Sunday, October 25, 2020



This time of year is one of the most profitable for doing business.

Even if the economic crisis persists, November and December remain the months where people tend to spend the most for themselves and for others.

During Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday many people take advantage of discounts on products.
Companies increase their advertisements and affiliations to reach more customers.

1. Create your own online business, through a website selling your products or your consultancy.

2. Create a Blog and monetize it through affiliations of other companies.
You can propose to review the products of a company and get paid the commission.

3. Dropshipping, you can earn by acting as an intermediary between suppliers and the consumer, without worrying about finding and delivering the product.

4. Create marketing campaigns for companies and earn through commission results.

5. Find sponsors on Instagram who pay for advertising through posts and stories.

Be hopeful, creative and courageous.


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